September 10, 2017

The WRIU Children’s Show
September 10, 2017 (Grandparents’ Day/Salute To Mattel)

Show Opening (includes “Short Sabotage” by Yukari Fresh)
Masked Grandma – California Suns

Funky Grandpa – Thunderstorm
Matty’s Funday Funnies Theme Song
An American Girl – Joseph Vitarelli / Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
Adam and Orko –  Haim Saban, Shuki Levi & Erika Lane / He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe
The Power Of Greyskull – Bill Conti / Masters Of The Universe
He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe (Main Theme) –  Haim Saban, Shuki Levi & Erika Lane / He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe

Dug From The Archives: Rock Flowers Ad/I Just Want To Make You Dance – The Rock Flowers (Doug)

What If I Shine (Remix) – Barbie / Rock ‘n Royals
I Am A Girl Like You – Kelly Sheridan (Barbie) / Barbie Sings! The Princess Movie Collection
Barbie – Charlotte Austin & Bill Cunningham / Barbie Sings!
Hot Wheels Theme Song – Mike Curb
Team Hot Wheels: The Origin Of Awesome – Hot Wheels
Ever After High – Keeley Bumford
We Are Many, We Are One – Rescue Heroes
Monster High Theme Song
Boo York, Boo York – Catty Noir, Pharaoh / Monster High: Boo York, Boo York
She-Ra: Princess Of Power Theme Song

ID: Tell Me What You See ID #1

Schoolhouse Rocky – Bob Dorough & Friends / School House Rock!
Unpack Your Adjectives – Blossom Dearie / Grammar Rock
Dark Matter – Dr. Dan The Science Man

–Robert Wise’s Birthday–
The Enterprise – Jerry Goldsmith / Star Trek: The Motion Picture
A Star Beyond Time (Love Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture) – Shaun Cassidy
Outer Space (from The Day The Earth Stood Still) – Bernard Hermann (composer), Erich Kunzel & The Cincinnati
Do-Re-Mi – Julie Andrews & The Kids / The Sound Of Music

–Jay Laga’aia’s Birthday–
Family Time – Jay Laga’aia / Family Time

Muppets In The Middle: Born To Add – Bruce Stringbean (Christopher Cerf) / Born To Add

Copy (’79 Version) – The Plastics
Can’t We Still Be Friends? – American Girl / Circle Of Friends
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – They Might Be Giants
Three Little Hot Dogs – Ladybug Music
The Touch – Stan Bush / Transformers: The Movie
Up, Down & Touch The Ground – Sterling Holloway / Winnie The Pooh Sing Along
Belle – Emma Watson / Beauty & The Beast
King Arthur, Act V Scene 2 (Symphony) – Henry Purcell (Alfred Deller & The King’s Musick) / King Arthur

ID: Twilight Zone #2

Family Feud Theme – Robert Israel / Classic TV Game Show Themes

Marco Cannonball Polo – Turkey Andersen / Turkey Andersen 2
Wonka’s Welcome Song – Danny Elfman / Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
You’re A Hamburger – The Vestibules

Ghostbusters – Run DMC
Swamp Thing Theme – Christopher Stone
Swamp Thing To The Rescue – Harry Manfredini / Swamp Thing
Pure Imagination – Gene Wilder / Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Wolverine Rap – Kids Juke Box / Marvel Super Heroes Music
Storm Can Change The Weather – Spider-Man & Friends / Spider-Man & Friends

Mary’s Lucky Pig, A Goodnight Story read by Bill J. Parker
Pig Calypso – Animal House / Sings and Plays The Muppets
Merrily We Roll Along – Lord Invader
Jump In The Line (Shake, Shake Senora) – Harry Belafonte / Beetlejuice
Ninja Rap – Vanilla Ice / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
A Kind Of Magic – Queen / Highlander

Jeopardy! – Merv Griffin / Classic TV Game Show Themes
Closing (includes “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!” by Napoleon XIV, “Trees For America” by John Denver & “So Long & Thanks For All The Fish” by Hilary Summers, Kemi Ominiyi & The R’svp Voices)