June 25, 2017

The WRIU Children’s Show
June 25, 2017 (America’s Kids Day/Global Beatles Day)

Show Opening (includes “Short Sabotage” by Yukari Fresh)
Kid In America – MxPx

Your Mother Should Know – Sugar Beats / 21 Really Cool Songs
All My Loving – The Chipmunks / The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles
Good Day Sunshine – Joanie Bartels / Chicken Soul For Little Souls: What A Wonderful World
All Together Now – Vanessa Trien & The Jungle Monkeys / Wonderful You
Octopus’s Garden – Sebastian The Crab / Party Gras!
And Your Bird Can Sing – Steve Conte / All Together Now
Blackbird – Jose Feliciano
Across The Universe – The Neanderthals / In Space
Drive My Car – Elmo / The Best Of Elmo

Dug From The Archives: Golden Slumbers/The End – k.d. lang / Happy Feet

Here Comes The Sun – Andrew & Polly / Odds & Ends
Love Me Do – The Brady Bunch / The Brady Kids (The Kids From The Brady Bunch)
I Want To Hold Your Hand – Jennifer Cihi / Sailor Moon: Lunarock
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – William Shatner / The Transformed Man
A Hard Day’s Night – The Bar-Kays
Yellow Submarine – The Pickwick Children’s Chorus / Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Fool On The Hill – Elmer Fudd / Bugs & Friends Sing The Beatles

ID: Long & Winding Road

Schoolhouse Rocky – Bob Dorough & Friends / School House Rock!
Hardware – Darrell Stern & Bob Kaliban / Scooter Computer & Mr. Chips
There, They’re, Their – Matt Garwood

–Sheridan Smith’s Birthday–
Doctor Who Theme (Glam Rock Mix) – Tim Sutton / Doctor Who: The Horror Of Glam Rock

–George Orwell’s Birthday–
Oranges and Lemons – Tim Hart / My Very Favourite Nursery Rhymes

–Carly Simon’s Birthday–
The Lobster Quadrille – Carly & Lucy Simon / Sing Songs For Children
The Turn Of The Tide – Carly Simon / Free To Be… A Family
Nobody Does It Better – Carly Simon / The Spy Who Loved Me
In Two Straight Lines – Carly Simon / Madeline
With A Few Good Friends – Carly Simon / Piglet’s Big Movie

–Ricky Gervais’ Birthday–
Muppets In The Middle: I’m Number One – Constantine & Ricky Gervais / Muppets Most Wanted

DK Island Swing – Nintendo/Rare / DK Jamz: Donkey Kong Country

–Peyo’s Birthday–
The Smurfs Theme
We’re The Smurfs – The Smurfs / The Smurfs Go Pop
Johan et Pirlouit Theme
The Smurf Song – Father Abraham / Father Abraham In Smurfland
The Truest Smurf Of All – Christopher Lennertz & Shaley Scott / Smurfs: The Lost Village
Gargamel & The Smurfs – The Smurfs

ID: Outer Limits

Family Feud Theme – Robert Israel / Classic TV Game Show Themes

Just Fine (Theme from Sam & Cat) – Backhouse Mike
Hill Was Steep and Tall (When I Signed Up For This Hike) – Ella Jenkins & Friends / Camp Songs

The Sesame Street Birthday Song (Happy Birthday To You/Happy Birthday To You From Sesame Street) – Bob & The Cast

–Kay Kyser’s Birthday–
Three Little Fishies – Kay Kyser & His Orchestra / Mairzy Doats

–Tim Finn’s Birthday–
Six Months In A Leaky Boat – The Wiggles & Tim Finn / It’s A Wiggly Wiggly World

Rotten To The Core – The Cast / Descendants

Largo al factotum (from The Barbet of Seville) – The Cast / Pavarotti’s Opera Made Easy: My Favorite Opera For Children

The Very Hungry Caterpillar read by Eric Carle
The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Liz Buchanan

Love Led Us Here – Kermit & Piggy / Muppet Treasure Island
She Loves You – The Peanuts Gang / Snoopy Beatles Classiks On Toys
Hey Bulldog – Ze Rodrigo
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Cast of Glee
We Can Work It Out – Xena & Gabrielle
Revolution – The Minions / Minions

Our World Theme – The Vienna Boys Choir
Closing (includes “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!” by Napoleon XIV, “Trees For America” by John Denver & “So Long & Thanks For All The Fish” by Hilary Summers, Kemi Ominiyi & The R’svp