June 18, 2017

The WRIU Children’s Show
June 18, 2017 (Father’s Day/National Turkey Lover’s Day)

Show Opening (includes “Short Sabotage” by Yukari Fresh)
Popcorn – Rachel Sumner / Join The Parade

Let’s Turkey Trot – Little Eva

The Turkey – The Raiders
Twilight In Turkey – Raymond Scott Orchesrette / Pushbutton Parfait

Dug From The Archives: Let’s Turkey Trot (Japanese) – Yukari Ito

Turkey In The Straw – Irwin The Disco Duck / Alley Cat & Chicken Fat
The Albuquerque Turkey – Ruth Roberts, Gene Piller & Bill Katz / Thanksgiving Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone
Turkey Love Song – Adam Bryant / Rhinocerous Tap
Turkeys In The Straw – Barry Louis Polisar / Juggling Babies

Batman Theme/Batman Riddles The Riddler – Nelson Riddle / Batman TV Soundtrack
Batcave Batmobile Entrance/To The Bat Rocket – Michael McCuistion / Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders
Batusi A-Go!-Go! – Nelson Riddle / Batman TV Soundtrack
Bad Batmen – Lolita Ritmanis / Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders
Gray Ghost Suite – Carl Swander Johnson / Batman: The Animated Series
Two Ordinary People/To The Batmobile – Nelson Riddle / Batman TV Soundtrack
The Story Of Batman – Adam West / Batmania
Batman Thaws Mr. Freeze – Nelson Riddle / Batman TV Soundtrack
End Titles – Nelson Riddle / Batman (1966)

ID: Lollipop Guild

Schoolhouse Rocky – Bob Dorough & Friends / School House Rock!
I’m Just A Bill – Deluxxe Folk Impolosion
Heat – Learning Thru Music

–Paul McCartney’s Birthday–
Magneto and Titanium Man – Wings
Blackbird – The Beatles
Mary Had A Little Lamb – Paul McCartney
Cosmically Conscious – Paul McCartney
Spies Like Us – Paul McCartney

Muppets In The Middle: Hey Food – Cookie Monster / Sesame Road

Be Our Guest – Ewan McGregor / Beauty & The Beast (2017)
Are We Dancing – John Davidson / The Happiest Millionaire
Behhh! – Pascal Parisot & Jacques Tellitocci / Les pieds dans le plat
Talk A Walk – Sara Paxton / Darcy’s Wild Life
Preface/Villains In The Zone/Main Titles – Ken Thorne / Superman II

Playing With The Big Boys Now – Steve Martin & Martin Short / The Prince Of Egypt
Batman and Robin – Adam West/ Batmania
I’ve Been Waiting – Andrew Gunsberg / Saddle Up Your Pony
The Laughing Vulcan and His Dog – Samuel Stokes
The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins – Leonard Nimoy

Family Feud Theme – The Hit Crew

Be True To Your School – The Beach Boys
Rocky Raccoon (Peter Sellers Tape Version) – The Beatles
The Ballad of Rocket Raccoon – The Super Funnies
Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys

10,000 Ted Turkey Fans Can’t Be Wrong, A Nonsense Story by Bill J. Parker
I Think I’m A Clone Now – Weird Al Yankovic

–Bud Collyer’s Birthday–
Superman: The Max Fleischer Cartoons Theme – Sammy Timberg / Superman: The Ultimate Collection
Beat The Block Theme Song
To Tell The Truth Theme Song

Napoleon – Mitch Miller and his Orchestra and Chorus
Closing (includes “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!” by Napoleon XIV, “Trees For America” by John Denver & “So Long & Thanks For All The Fish” by Hilary Summers, Kemi Ominiyi & The R’svp